Top 5 most affordable activewear

Looking for the most affordable and stylish activewear in London?  Fashion Recipe has the answer.

Number 5


Gap 2
Gap’s Activewear

Gap’s activewear line is not cheap surprisingly enough!  You would expect that the high prices would prove for something however it is a disappointment. A simple and average legging is £30 compared to £35 Ivy leggings in TopShop. The materials that Gap has chosen is very low quality, they have a wide range of choice however it is very difficult to find something that is worth purchasing. Cynthia the sales rep in Gap stated ‘we have had our activewear line for over a year now and it is doing amazing. We are pushing it with low prices and we give out scratch cards which enables customers to get 40% off our sportswear line.’

Despite the positive comments, I wouldn’t recommend Gap to be a first choice. As the activewear market is growing immensely there is much better choice. Who knows maybe that is why Gap is trying to promote themselves so much.

Number 4

River Island

River Island
River Island’s Activewear

River Island launched its first activewear collection last month. The designer Hannah Hope explained the purpose of the launch in Vogue and stated ‘activewear is such a huge market at the moment- with athleisure and wellness both being huge trends, we felt 2016 was the right time to launch the collection.’

I must say even though the collection launched last month, the selection is very small. There are only 5 types of leggings, 3 types of workout shirts, one type of sports bra and one pair of semi-sneakers. Furthermore their selection of colours was simple sticking with the safe grey route. What surprised me was that the sneakers were made in Italy however they were still only £28.

River island 6
River Island Sneakers £28

Hayley the sales representative stated that even though they launched very recently they have had a very good response. River Island takes number four because even though their collection needs a lot of work, it has a lot of potential. I would definitely buy their selection of grey leggings.



Number 3


The king of the high street H&M hasn’t missed the opportunity to have its own sportswear section. They have a very big selection with leggings and tops available in many colors.

H&m 3
H&M Sportswear

Their focus for this spring season of 2016 is patterns. Their sports bras have a great selection of geometric patterns that you can match it with a dark legging. Even though H&M doesn’t look as stylish and sleek, anyone would be able to find a piece that matches. As all high street companies have concentrated on the launch of athleisure, H&M took it a step further by having the transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner model for their sportswear collection. At this point it is unclear what Caitlyn will be wearing for the collection however I am sure that H&M will step it up with their designs and that is why they will have to settle with 3rd place for now.


Number 2

Top Shop Ivy Collection

Ivy park
Topshop Ivy Park

Beyonce launched its 200-piece activewear collection with Topshop. Her line is anything but basic. The IT piece is a bodysuit $50 (£35) however there are certainly more appropriate items to purchase as Ivy Park has a great selection of leggings and tops. The leggings are not too expensive compared to other high street options as they range between the £35 mark. Furthermore the money is worth spending because the quality of the fabrics is exquisite. The range of activewear is also very stylish. There isn’t much colour however most of the clothing has geometric lines including the logo. It is no surprise that on the launch of Ivy Park, Topshop’s website crashed. If you are a fan of Beyonce and are looking to feel extremely stylish whilst working out, Ivy Park would be the way to go. Once you enter Topshop you will be extremely tempted to purchase something.


Number 1

Forever 21

forever 21 111
Forever 21’s Activewear

This might be shocking that it won the prize despite having Ivy Park as a competition however their collection is nothing but amazing. With their extremely low prices of £16 for leggings and £13 for tops they are the best option for the affordable shopper. The collection is very large and there is something for everyone. The garments are extremely simple based on the colours of black, white, grey and yellow. The collection doesn’t hold any patterns as it has concentrated on the fit and quality of the fabrics.

The sales rep Jafari stated ‘this is where all the sales are for the store. It has been a while since we have this section and its working incredible.’ It is not surprising that all the sales happen in the sportswear section.

If you are a big fan of sports, want to begin or simply like strolling around in activewear, Forever 21 is the way to go. It is extremely affordable and stylish.