Selfridges launches Body Studio

Selfridges launched its first ever section dedicated to bodywear.

 Just when you begin to think that the fashion curve for sportswear is beginning to plateau, the flagship store introduced the most exciting department section. If you want to feel young, fresh and sporty it is definitely a place to visit.

Selfridges 2
Body Studio by Fashion Recipe


Selfrdiges 3
Swimwear Body Studio by Fashion Recipe

The 37,000 sq. feet studio on the third floor is the newest and most innovative project designed by Neri+Hu. The Body Studio is separated into different sections consisting of lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, holidaywear, sleepwear and chillwear. As Graeme Moran stated for Draper, ‘Selfridges doubled the volume of products available in store.’

Luckily for everyone the Body Studio has more than 100 brands that it features in its section. Price wise it is as expected and expensive however if you are not looking to spend your money then you might as well check out the wellness cafes. Selfridges quoted for Design Week that ‘the concept of all the area aims to combine “fitness” with “mind and body wellness as it is influenced with “Japanese Zen” and “Californian healthy living.” And yes, it does go beyond all expectations.

Selfrdiges 4
Sleepwear Body Studio by Fashion Recipe
Self 7
Lingerie Body Studio by Fashion Recipe
Self 8
Activewear Body Studio by Fashion Recipe

Neri+Hu stated to Design week that the different room aim to be a ‘progression of spaces that play with notions of private and public.’ Fashion Recipe wondered whether that is true and asked Artemis Doupa an architect that teaches architecture in the Manchester University, ‘I definitely agree, when I saw the Body section I could envision this progression of spaces. It is very well designed as the simplicity is incorporated perfectly.’

The official launch was on the weekend of 6th and 7th of May. GQ partnered with Selfridges on the weekend in order for them to promote their Vitality brand. The men’s department body section also sounds incredible with the key brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Bjorn Borg, Lacoste and many others. On the weekend of the launch GQ in collaboration with Selfridges was serving smoothies and live demonstrating products.

Selfrdiges 1
Entrance of Body Studio by Fashion Recipe

The most exciting news is that the Body studio introduced collections from our most favorable brands such as Moschino, Versace and Paul Smith. Even if you didn’t attend the opening weekend do not worry as the Body studio will most probably be collaborating again in order to make sportswear and activewear even more exciting.







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