The new tracker bracelets

We live in an era where checking your pulse, heart rate and step count is absolutely normal. In the past couple of years,there have been many upcoming competitive brands such as the Apple Watch, Jawbone, Fitbit and many others. However which of these brands is the one to have?

Fashion Recipe found out which are the exact products the average consumer needs.

Apple Watch

We cannot begin our list if we don’t mention the famous Apple Watch. Despite the sales of the Apple Watch not being ideal, it is still one of the gadgets to have on your wrist.

Apple hasn’t provided us with concrete sale figures as they do not like to disclose such information however despite the sales being very high in 2015, it seems like they have slowed down in 2016.  Analyst Andy Hargreaves predicts to his customers that ‘anecdotal evidence suggests Apple Watch demand is slowing quickly and predicted sales for the end of 2015 will end up reaching $ 10.5 million which is 500, 000 less than the initial estimates.’

Despite the disappointing sales what is so good about the Apple watch?

Fashion Recipe had the immense pleasure to interview Melville McKee, a race driver for the GP3 Formula 3, ‘I use it mostly as a convenience. As I do a lot of sports it is great for me to keep track of my activity.’ Melville has a lot of experience within racing and he feels that he is the perfect customer. He constantly needs to keep data of calories being burnt, heart rate, running and cycling distances, ‘it is just on my wrist which is handy and on top of that it is very low key as I can wear it to the gym or even dinner.’

The apple watch is a great exercise companion, it can call you an Uber and even answer your calls. If you are loyal to Apple and looking to be fashionable then Apple Watch is the way to go however there are a couple of other examples below that could be more suitable for you!

Apple watch bracelet
Melville McKee’s Apple Watch
Apple watch bracelet 2
‘My apple watch combines elegance and spirit. I used to have a Garmin Vivoactive however I switched and I haven’t been happier,’ Yannis Ventouris a business consultant told Fashion Recipe.


Jaw Bone

According to James Stables in Wearable magazine ‘Jaw Bone is best for sleep tracking.’ Jaw Bone is not like the apple watch, as it cannot take calls and doesn’t have a screen. The bracelet is connected via Bluetooth and all the stats appear on your phone. ‘It monitors the user’s bmp (heart rate), respiration rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response, it can give you your REM, which are either light or deep sleep stats,’ James writes. The newest model of the Jawbone UP3 is very good-looking and quite stylish. They have a selection of colors from which the customers can choose. The price is at about £130.

Jaw Bone 3
Jaw Bone UP3 Image by Wearable
Ali Magico’s Jawbone Bracelet

Fashion Recipe was curious to know whether the bracelet is as good as what everyone says. Ali Magico stated in an interview for us, ‘Jawbone helps me sleep better and keeps me motivated to walk more.’ If you are wondering how it makes you sleep better Ali believes that it shows his sleep patterns. ‘After a while I figured out what times are better for me to go to sleep and also if I wake up at night I look into the reason for it. It is a great lifestyle tool if you use it every day.’

If you are a difficult sleeper just like Ali then it is worth purchasing Jaw Bone. The app shows how long you have been in a deep sleep, light sleep, how long it took to fall asleep and how many times you woke up.

Jaw bone2
Ali Magico’s Stats on his phone from the Jaw Bone bracelet

Polar Loop 2

Two years ago Polar introduced its first sports bracelet. The first Polar Loop only measured steps and calories. However why would you need a bracelet as any smart phone can do that! Polar Loop Two is the second and improved generation of the bracelet that has an add on of the sleeping tracker, just like Jawbone. However comparing the look of the bracelets, Jawbone looks much more sleek. Sarah, an architect sent us a photo of her pink Power Loop 2 and we have to say we weren’t impressed. Despite Sarah telling Fashion Recipe that she really likes it, it simply looks very bulky!

Polar Loop 2
Sarah’s Polar Loop 2 Bracelet

On the positives one great feature that the Polar Loop has compared to the Apple watch and other bracelets is that it is waterproof. Even though it is waterproof until 20m you can still shower with it and not worry about taking it off.

However if you are an Apple user then maybe you should steer away as the bracelet works best with Androids. The negatives continue; ‘Power Loop 2 also has poor sunlight legibility and cannot track intensity,’ Simon Hill stated in his review for Digital Trends. Polar Loop 2 shouldn’t be your first choice however it is cheaper compared to the other bracelets in the market pricing only at £95.

Fit Bit

Fit Bit is the last activity tracker on our list however it is worth having a look. If you are wondering what FitBit does, Nathan Chandler wrote a review for Electronics stating ‘FitBit is a physical activity tracker designer to help you become more active, eat a more well-rounded diet, sleep better and ultimately, turn into a healthier human being.’ Nathan got it absolutely right.

There are many positive reviews on the FitBit bracelet as it is also very good looking. Fashion Recipe spoke to Karim a health orientated entrepreneur. His opinion was ; ‘it is cool, frankly the main reason I got it was for its heart rate monitor. I don’t need to wear a strap across my chest and it motivates me greatly.’  One even better feature about the FitBit is that it has an alarm installed where it wakes you up by sending slight vibrations on your wrist. If you don’t like being woken up by your other half this would be the best bracelet to purchase as a present. The sleep tracker is not as good as Jawbone’s however the alarm is very easy to use as it wakes you up very lightly.

Fitbit 1
Karim’s Fit Bit bracelet

Each bracelet has its own unique feature and look. The most important thing is to choose what suits you best however keep in mind that they keep on updating their models so it might be worth waiting a bit until the perfect one comes out for you.

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