The Easter Egg Art

Artist Gil Batle spent 25 years in prison for fraud and forgery. After being released he move to an island in the Philippines. Throughout his journey in the Philippines he was given an ostrich egg that changed his life.

Frank Maresca, Batle’s art dealer explained to The Huffington Post ‘I like to think that the proverbial light bulb went off. I am not sure exactly what went through this head but I do know he took that single ostrich egg and it was art.’

Throughout his serving time in jail through his ability to precise draw, he earned himself a reputation and was left unharmed. This quality transmitted on the art he was creating with the ostrich eggs. His egg art was featured in an exhibition named “Hatched in Prison” at the Maresca Gallery in New York. His egg art feature the hardship and abuse he experienced during his 25 years in jail. The experiences are carved on the surfaces of the egg with immense precision.

Gil Batle exemplifies one form of egg art however; this type of art is mostly popular during Easter time as the tradition calls. ‘Easter season is the most significant and sacred time of the Orthodox Church calendar. In the Orthodox tradition, eggs are a symbol of new life, it symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ,’ Mary Fairchild a Christianity expert states in About Religion. This is a recipe inspired by the art of eggs and its symbolism throughout this time of year.


1.5 curly fresh lettuce

4 boiled eggs

200 g raddish

125g of spring onions

3 table spoons of apple cider vinegar

4 tables spoons of olive oil

Salt to taste


 Notes: Make sure to have previously boiled eggs so that they are cold because if not they will cook the lettuce.

the easter salad
The easter egg salad

Begin with chopping the lettuce in small long pieces. As the lettuce is curly, the salad is going to look long, thin and crimped. Chop up your radishes in a circular form. Chop up your spring onions, please make sure that you don’t chop them up too small. Chop up your boiled peeled eggs also in a circular shape. When you have done all that, mix your whole salad together. Add the olive oil, vinegar and salt to liking. Make sure to mix very well so that the salad can absorb the vinegar. In many Eastern European homes, women mix the salad with their hands as it is said to taste better.

The salad is extremely easy and Fashion Recipe recommends to eat it for dinner as the vinegar will help boost your metabolism during the night.


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