Best sportswear to have this season

What should we be purchasing this s/s 16 in the actviewear and sportswear department?

Fashion Recipe spoke to a couple of experts and made up a list of items to purchase, these are our picks:

Backless Tops

1.’Tops that show a bit of back as the rise of the beautiful sports bra. Beforehand we would never even look at our bras let alone anyone see them. There is a very beautiful surge of tops that show the sports bra at the back,’ Sadie the owner of Hip&Healthy states for Fashion Recipe.

Lulu Lemon Tank £58
Cope active top
Blue Life top £75 from Copeactive



2. As Sadie already mentioned, we would never let anyone look at our bras, however now they have made them so beautiful and comfortable. You wear them with one of the tops from above and Fashion Recipe can promise that you will look as stylish as ever! You can either go for a pattern or a simple colour that requires less work.

Mara Hofman
Mara Hofman £116 from Hip&Healthy
Sports bra 1
Alo Yoga  £39.95 from Hip&Healthy


3.  Marija Krosnar the blogger behind Sportsanista said to us  ‘I love a great track pant for comfort, I live in a pair of Lulu Lemon. I also adore a good legging that has personality to it.’ So we went out and found two amazing options for a nice high-waisted legging. Sadie recently shared a secret with Fashion Recipe and said that high-waisted leggings are the best because they don’t fall off and they make the structure of the body look even more feminine.  Here is a selection of two leggings, one very simple black with mesh that has a tightening effect and the other one for the more confident women willing to show off their bodies.

Leggings 2
Lulu Lemon £88
Leggings 1
Carbon 38  £75


4. Sneakers are extremely important because you can wear them at any point of the day especially if they are simpler. The blogger behind Little Things About Fashion is most certain the white sneakers Zara offers in their activewear collection are the ones to own. Not only they are extremely affordable but look beautiful. Their simplicity is key to any outfit, as Svetoslava said ‘they match dresses, leggings and jeans. They are the shoe to have this season and you would be foolish not to get them.’

zara shoes
Zara Pimsolls with Laces £25.99

Nike’s are one of the best sportswear shoe to have. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for working out with. Nike has proven itself over the years to have one of the best performing sneakers. Their iD range is incredible, as you can order any colour you want and even though they are pricey they are worth it. The blogger behind Sportsanista totally agrees with us as she said that she even put her logo on them!

Yoga Mat

5. If you are a yoga fanatic, you have to have the yoga mat that matches your motivation. Recently brands have developed incredible yoga mats that are not only beautiful but also practical. You can always purchase a simple mat from Lulu Lemon however there are some options that Fashion Recipe needs to present to you. If you are not a yoga crazie, then you can definitely purchase it as a present for someone that is. Fashion Recipe can promise that they will love your present.


mara hofman yoga mat 2
Mara Hofman Yoga Mat £120 from Hip&Healthy
yeti Yoga
Yeti Yoga £55 from Copeactive


6. Yes onseies! It might sounds strange however onesies are extremely trendy and very good looking! However it is recommended to only wear them at the gym so that people don’t look at you in the street. There is a selection of high-end onesies that Fashion Recipe believes are the trendiest item to have in your closet. You don’t need to have many of them however it is worth it to buy one. This particular onesie from Koral Active is so simple but yet so beautiful and yes they have given it the fancy word of a jumpsuit.

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