Raw and Roasted; Lulu Stelle

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On a rainy Wednesday afternoon I interviewed LuLu Stelle, a very cool and chic girl that started out with her own blog Raw and Roasted. However now she has transformed into the Brand Director for Deliciously Ella and the Mae Deli. We had a deliciously healthy lunch at Raw Press and began talking about what makes a business successful.

1. How did you come up with the name Raw and Roasted?

‘Initially my sister came up with the name however I didn’t really like it at first. I wanted something cute however in the end I agreed. The name comes from nuts because you can eat them raw or roasted, and I love nut butters!’

2.What inspired you to create your blog?

‘My family was always extremely healthy. We all love food however I did grow up eating quite healthy in Switzerland. When I went to boarding school in America, I thought the food was horrible so I got even more into the healthy lifestyle. I always took photos of my food, so my friends were like why not start your own food blog!’

3.How did you decide on what platform you wanted to create Raw and Roasted?

‘I really like Instagram and I think it is very fashionable. I like the snippets and little pictures. I also loved the fact that I don’t need to write much at all, as I am not too much into writing. Like this I could take a photo and upload it straight away. I also think that some photos don’t look great as a layout on a website.’

4. How do you get inspired for your recipes on Raw and Roasted?

‘I kept on trying out different recipes. I always used to go out and get inspired from little local cafes. Sometimes my friends used to text me with a recipe they thought I should try! I usually do a lot of smoothies because I am literally a smoothie addict. I would think of a dessert and try and turn it into a healthy smoothie.’

5. People find it extremely difficult to stat a diet. What advice could you give someone if they wanted to begin on a quest for a healthy lifestyle?

‘I would say the first thing to do is not make it too extreme. I am the type of strict person. I am so strict and then in the end I end up craving sugar so much. The first thing to do would be to start swapping breakfast with a smoothie or something healthier. It is very easy to add spinach and avocado to your breakfast instead of eating a muffin. I would say baby steps are the way to go. Also, eat less processed stuff and throw away your microwave!’


6. Is your blog your full time job?

‘No, when I started my blog I was still in school so I had a lot of time to work on it. And now I am the Brand Director for the Mae Deli. I am extremely busy as we have big prospects in the future for the Mae Deli and Deliciously Ella.’

7. As you told me you work for Deliciously Ella, what is your favorite aspect of your job?

‘I would say the best aspect of my job is the industry I am in. Food has been my passion for a long time. I wanted to be a pediatrician when I was a kid, I felt the need to help others. This job allows me to do that, I can educate people for a healthy lifestyle. As people have a fear of doctors we can make them eat healthier and go to the doctor less!’

8. Do you think working for Deliciously Ella has changed your healthy food lifestyle even more? I am sure you get many good tips.

‘I was actually really intense with my diet before, now I realize it is more about eating food that is fresh and seasonal. For example, the perfect tip is taking a normal dish and substituting butter for coconut oil!’


Raw 1

9. A day in the life of Lulu Stelle?

‘I wake up at 5.30 am every morning and make a smoothie for breakfast. I go to yoga at 7 am and I walk back home which takes me another thirty minutes. I always have a little snack, like a green juice or a power ball before going off to work. My workday is all about being in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. Everyday at work is very different, I could be in meetings all day or I could be testing food all day.’

10.There are thousands of blogs out there. What is the recipe of success for a blog?

‘People have to be really honest and transparent! So many bloggers are lying and trying to preach or copy someone else’s work. Also never bee too uniform, don’t tell people what to eat. You can just show them or lead them to it. Many bloggers start out vegan and then they transition and become someone else. It is very important not to do that because readers start turning away.’

11.In the future, do you want to start your own healthy venture?

‘For this time I don’t see myself doing anything else other than the Mae Delhi. I want to stick with them for a while and maybe in 20 years when I am retired I can make a healthy bakery, just for a hobby!’


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