Marija Krosnar the Chicago Blogger

Coming all the way from Chicago, I had the immense pleasure to interview Marija Krosnar. She is one of the biggest influencers in the blogger scene in America and managed to combine the love she has for both fashion and sports.

Sportsanista 4
Photo from Sportsanista Blog

Marija always had an interest in the fashion industry but she dedicated her life to working in the sports industry. ‘I needed to find a way to incorporate both aspects of the industry in my life, so I created Sportsanista, my fusion of sports and fashion.’

Your website is very simple yet so sophisticated. Do you believe that, the layout contributed to the popularity of it?

‘Thank you! I am a firm believer that content is King or “content is the new black.” I find it very important to engage your readers in a unique way in order to keep them coming back to your site. I believe that it is important to have something engaging to say however it is useful when you a also have a great photo content as well!’

Activewear has become quite a fashion why do you think it became so trendy?

‘People are more interested in versatile clothing. We live in a time where your workout clothes are functional for the gym, fashion, travel and sometimes maybe even a night out. Athleisure wear is a flexible fashion with versatility and mobility.’

What is unique about Sportsanista’s website is that she created a page just for game-day fashion. We know how much people love going to a game so why not be stylish!

Marija found it extremely frustrating when she wanted to dress up for a game because her only options were always wearing pink or bedazzles. So she started shopping in the men’s section for a fun vintage tee to incorporate to her look. She then created the page due to the love she has for incorporating a fun game-day t-shirt with her street style. Instead of just going to support your favorite team, you can look good also.

We all know how difficult it could be to pair sportswear clothes with casual ones. It could look completely out of place and feel unnatural. I was very curious to find out, what is the secret of looking sporty but also fashionable. We don’t want to look like we just came out of the gym and are still sweating!

 What advice can you give someone when they are trying to pair athleisure clothing? How can one look cool but also casual?


 I would suggest to try adding some texture to your look with leather accents in your pants or maybe a jacket with a mesh sleeve. Go for pieces that have personality and details that help elevate the look from workout to athleisure.

How does your typical casual day look like?

 ‘My recipe for a causal look never fails me- I go straight for a pair of distressed denim, a vintage t-shirt, dainty gold necklace paired with my Stan Smith sneakers and a Moto jacket. I do believe it is the fastest way to look chic without the thinking and trying.’

 I must say your skin always looks so radiant in your photographs. What are some beauty tips you can share with us?

 ‘My device is to find a routine and stick with it. I live, breathe and die by my Clarisonic. My face has never felt cleaner. I believe in moisturizing because it is the key to anti-ageing. I use Glossier’s moisturizer in the morning and Oak and Ashland Nirvana oil at night.’

If you are into the game fashion then you should definitely follow Sportsanista, her style is very cool and inspiring.

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